Best Auto Repair In Knoxville TN

Eurotech Knoxville is a locally owned and operated auto repair shop in Knoxville, TN.  Our facility can handle all of you major and minor repairs.

Everyone needs a trusted Knoxville mechanic they can turn to when in need of maintenance and repairs. We are that team! Eurotech Knoxville is proud to provide Knoxville, TN residents with the quality repairs and ongoing maintenance they require. This includes all scheduled preventative care and last-minute or emergency repairs. All our parts and work are backed by a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty. This provides you with the confidence the work performed is of the highest quality.

Our shop was founded by Rick Berry. After 25 years working as a civilian mechanic, Rick decided to venture out on his own and open his own Knoxville auto repair shop. Rick is a hands-on business owner, who still works as a mechanic when he’s not running the business end of things.

We Make Auto Repairs As Easy As Possible

We are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday – Friday. This makes after hours drop-off and picks up easy. You may also call ahead to schedule your maintenance and repairs. If you are dropping off for a quick fix, you can wait in our lobby, where we have free Wi-Fi. For advanced repairs and mechanics, we aim for same day turnaround, but depending on the extent of work required may need a day or two. We will provide you with a turnaround time when you drop off your car or after we have had the chance to inspect your repair needs. We service and repair all makes and models and vehicles, including new and used. Our goal is always to extend the life of your vehicle by taking a proactive approach to preventative car care.

We aim to be your full-service Knoxville automotive repair shop.

We understand not all repairs are planned and may not fit easily into your budget. While we keep our prices low, it is never at the expense of quality. We provide ongoing and preventative maintenance, such as oil changes and tune-ups, as well as scheduled maintenance and unexpected last-minute repairs, and we are also a certified State Inspection center.

Affordable Auto Repair Knoxville TN


Brakes are pretty much the most important safety device on your car. If you’ve ever partially lost your brakes in the past, you’ll agree that it’s not something you want to experience again. Inspecting your brakes twice a year for wear and damage can protect you and your passengers. Additionally, it will also help save you money by catching any damage before it becomes too costly.

Oil Change

Engine oil is what lubricates a car’s engine, allowing it to run smoothly and last longer. An important part of routine car maintenance is changing the oil regularly. The necessary frequency of oil changes has become a point of contention among experts.

Engine Repair

The engine in your vehicle is what keeps your car running and working. It is no surprise that if your engine isn’t in the great shape that your car won’t be either and you’ll need to visit your local auto repair shop. 

Wheel Alignment

How important is wheel alignment?
Think of it this way: Research indicates that the average vehicle is driven about 12,000 miles per year. A car with a toe angle misadjustment of 0.34 degrees (only 0.17 inches) out of specification will drag the tires sideways for more than 68 miles by the end of the year!

European Auto Repair Knoxville TN

When owners of European cars need auto repairs, it is different for than repairs for American vehicles. A quality European Auto Repair shop for a Land Ro ver,BMW, or Porsche, won’t be found on every corner so it is necessary to shop around. This goes for those that are repairing their Mercedes as well as general maintenance.

Foreign cars are one of the most popular cars in America because they have proven to be well-made as well as elegant and sporty. Such as the Porsche 911 which is very popular across America. Others popular cars are the Audi, Jaguar, and Mercedes. When it comes to choosing a European car, there are many factors that a consumer should consider.