Direct Oil Feed

The Porsche 911 and Porsche Boxster from model years 1997 to 2008 have had noted failures of the intermediate shaft bearing, also known as the IMS bearing. It’s design and construction led to premature failure of the bearing, which could result in catastrophic engine failure regardless of mileage on the engine. The intermediate shaft’s basic function is to drive the four camshafts via timing chains. The bearing that typically fails is at the flywheel end of the crankshaft. Both IMS bearings in the M96 engine, whether single or double row, as well as some of the M97 engines, are prone to this type of failure.

We always check for metallic debris in the oil and filter during your service here at Eurotech Knoxville. If debris is found, there’s a good chance that the bearing is already failing. If left untreated, this will lead to premature engine failure.

How To Fix Porsche IMS Bearing Failure

We have found that the only solution that actually treats the root of the problem (lack of lubrication) is the Direct Oil Feed (DOF) System by TuneRS. After years of successful installations, Eurotech Knoxville has adopted it as our exclusive solution to IMS failures. TuneRS Direct Oil Feed (DOF) kit uses a patent pending custom made Intermediate Shaft Flange that enables a direct flow of filtered motor oil directly to the original Intermediate Shaft Bearing. The bearing receives oil fed by a custom oil line run from the positive oil pressure feed located on the engine’s cylinder head directly to the custom designed opening in the custom Intermediate Shaft Flange, which allows a continuous flow of filtered engine oil for consistent lubrication.

The TuneRS DOF kit includes a steel SKF bearing to replace the old IMS bearing. Some clients prefer to install ceramic ball bearings which have lower friction and temperature isolation, while other clients prefer using the Direct Oil Feed with larger load capacity of thrust or spherical roller bearings. The TuneRS DOF provides continuous bearing lubrication to help alleviate risk and is an excellent way to protect your Porsche and add to its resale value.

Eurotech Knoxville is a recommended installer for the DOF system. Please contact us to discuss your service options.

Rick Berry discusses oil flow, IMS bearing failure, and possible solutions


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