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Engine Rebuilds

Eurotech Knoxville is Knoxville’s premier independent Porsche specialist.  Our ASE-Certified Master technicians have experience in all Porsche models ranging from vintage to current.

We offer complete engine overhauls and rebuilds for both air-cooled and water-cooled Porsches. Our technicians have rebuilt many motors ranging from track cars to daily drivers. We disassemble and reassemble engines completely at our location.

Additionally, some clients have shipped their vehicles or engines to us for thorough evaluation and diagnostics as well as for our engine rebuilding service. Our customers rest assured knowing that all parts used are OEM Porsche unless upgrades are requested.

Transmission Service

Eurotech Knoxville provides complete manual transmission servicing and rebuilds for all Porsches. Our rebuilds are performed by our certified technicians at our facility.

We are equipped with the up-to-date tools and equipment to complete these complex rebuilds and repairs.

Rest assured that your transmission will be rebuilt using new OEM parts.

Our technicians have years of experience with Porsche transmissions.

Manual transmission rebuilds can be as simple as front and/or rear seal replacements, clutch/flywheel replacement, or as complicated as internal gears and bearing replacement.

We also offer a variety of upgraded sport and racing clutch kits if requested.



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Knoxville’s Best Porsche Repair Shop

Our Knoxville Porsche Mechanics also service and repair most major automatic transmission failures and we can perform a thorough transmission flush without breaking the transmission pan seal (which could cause unwanted leaks) using the latest BG Transmission Flush Equipment.

Additionally, many customers elect to install the IMS Direct Oil Feed to address the IMS bearing lubrication deficiency found on Carreras, Boxsters, and Caymans built between 1997 and 2008 . During a transmission/clutch repair is an optimum time because of the easy access to the IMS bearing after a transmission has been removed.

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