Eurotech Knoxville is a proud sponsor of Wookies in The Woods 2021

Wookies In The Woods is a yearly get-together of Volkswagen R32 and Golf R lovers from throughout the country at the ill-famed Dragon, US-129, in Robbinsville, NC. The Dragon, which is recognized worldwide for its 318 curves in eleven miles, is the United States’ top motorcycle and sports car roadway. For the past 13 years, this gathering of good friends from around the nation has been coordinated, marketed, and managed by members of our energetic and expanding community.

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Why Wookies?

The term “Wookie” began as a reference to the sweet rumble of the R32 exhaust note echoing through the Great Smoky Mountains on a dark, desolate night. A mysterious man from Ohio named HotDog came out early to attend our event and left before it started, but forever changed the world that day. What had started in 2007 by an enthusiast group from the North East (NorEast R), originally as a two-day event centered around the 2004 Volkswagen R32 and attended by less than two dozen Golf R32′s, has now grown to over 250+ cars and 600+ attendees. With the addition of the MK6 Golf R in 2012 and MK7 Golf R in 2015, the numbers will only continue to grow. 2021 will be the 15th year for the event.


April 16-17, 2021


Dragon, US-129, near Robbinsville, NC
Fontana Village Resort

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